Missions & Outreach

Our Giving to the Mission Field

Our church has a tremendous heartbeat for local, national, and worldwide missions! We currently support missionaries who are planting churches in the Western half of the United States, training national pastors in Africa, Bible teaching in Asia, pastoring Christians in Australia, ministering to the military in Europe, planting indigenous churches in South America, and evangelizing in North Carolina.

We understand the great need for missionaries going around the world to preach the gospel, and that requires a great deal of financial support. We would be willing to consider having you present your ministry on a scheduled Sunday night upon the Sr. Pastor's approval. If you are interested in pursuing this, please fill out and submit our Missionary Application to our church office.

Our Going to the Mission Field

In addition to monthly financial support, many of our church members have taken time to experience various mission fields for themselves! Take a moment to see where some have served:

Mark 16:15

Camp Joy Ministry Trip
CSCC Teen Group

Brazil Mission Trip
Mac & Beth Lynch

Mexico Mission Trip
Chuck & Linda Woodruff

Peru Mission Trip
Felicia & Rachel Barrow Ken Folz Troy & Jenna Swanson

Israel Trip
Chuck & Linda Woodruff

Jordan Mission Trip
Troy Swanson